There are several El Wire components required to make the system work properly. In order to design and make products by El wire you need to understand the main El Wire components required to make it function. Drivers, power inverters, soldering materials and the el wire itself are some of the available El Wire components.

Below is a discussion of the main El Wire components you’ll need in order to make your design work properly. These El Wire components are explained so you have a better idea of how the entire El Wire system works.

El Wire Components


El Wire Components: Drivers and Inverters

An El Wire driver is also called an El Wire inverter.  These El Wire components are required to convert low voltage DC power from the battery to high voltage AC. The wire uses a high voltage and high frequency that alters the current to activate the main El Wire components.

Questions to ask when considering purchasing El Wire components

  • How many feet of wire do you want to illuminate?
  • What kind of effects do you want your wire to have?

El Wire driver’s length rate should match the total length of the wire in order for it to glow. Some inverters will produce a soft glow, some bright, while some come with built in options of blinking or flashing the wire in a pre-defined pattern.

Another El Wire component, known as the strobe inverter, is used to give a blur effect. The strobe option gives the wire the appearance of motion, giving the effect of moving really fast.  These El Wire components truly look amazing!

El Wire Components - SequencerEl Wire Components:  The Sequencer

These El Wire components are used to flash or blink your El Wire in sequential patterns.  The El Wire needs a low-power, high frequency driver to render the flash effect. Sequencer light up only one strand of the wire at a time since it is made of a complete circuit board; it supplies power to all sets of strands individually making them glow in a pattern. There is another cool driver known as the sound activated driver that lights up in synchronization to music or any other sound. When sequencer and the sound activation driver is installed, the wire blinks and produces a sound or produces a sound while blinking in a sequence. Either ways both are in harmony with each other.

The sequencer works according to the length of the wire and the power intended.  For example one sequencer is rated for 6 to 47 feet, which means that you can have a minimum of six feet, up to a maximum 47 feet. If less than 6 feet is used the sequencer might burn out, if more than 47 feet is used the wire will not light up as bright.
You can do different patterns, animations or write something with the wire. You could use these on purses, kimonos, karaoke bars, cars and even motorcycle tanks.  The use of El wire sequencing is growing as people are discovering new possibilities.

Battery Packs

El Wire usually works on two standard AA batteries to provide a bright, colorful glow that looks like neon. The battery is so discreet that it can be easily placed or sewed into your pocket. You can apply the batteries to your clothing; if you want your clothes to glow on Halloween, Christmas or a fancy dress costume party. You can take it camping and install on your tent. It could also serve as a substantial safety device.

Consumer Kits

If you don’t want the trouble of dealing with El Wire components individually, you can get readily available El Wire plugnplay kits. All kits are complete and come with all the necessary El Wire components pre-assembled. All you will have to do is connect the wire to the driver and you are good to go.