Neon Lights for cars can set your vehicle apart with a bright new glow. Putting neon lights on your car or truck is easy with lots of possibilities. The most common form of neon lighting is the under body lighting. When you light the under body of a car or truck you receive a floating look along with the glow of neon lighting. Taking neon lighting to the interior is among the most common methods in order to take the worries of laws out of the way and setting up your car or truck interior to glow for you.

Neon lights for cars can be installed in the interior on the shift knob or how ever else you would want to install the tubes such as the lava tubes. Neon lights for cars shows is popular and can be added to license plate frames, antennas, and headlight accents to make your car or truck headlights glow. Taking your car or truck and making the neon lighting glow will attract you the looks you want at the shows. Neon lights are an old way to shine but will always work and be in style.

Neon Lights for CarsNeon Lights for Cars: Aftermarket Customization

If you have never used neon lights for cars before, you have at least seen a car with neon lights being used. Also called LED lights because many light strips for under cars are now being made with long lasting bright LED bulbs instead of traditional neon. When you see them turned on under a car at night, you have surely felt that little jolt of jealousy and wondered what it might be like to bling out your own car with that pretty, colorful glowing light display.

Neon lights for cars are surprisingly affordable, and can be easily installed. It just depends on how badly you want to change your car’s night-life look! who knows, it may very well help improve your own night-life, as has been experienced by many many others.

Many people think “neon lights” when they really mean the newer, more durable longer lasting “LED lights” for under cars to customize them. You can also place LED and neon lights other places to customize your car, such as along the foot boards under the dash, and even around the inside of the door frame so you are framed in glowing lights as you step out of your car!