El wire is an amazing lighting product that catches everyone’s attention while putting a smile on their face. Being completely safe, easily bent into many shapes and offered in a variety of sizes makes it perfect for many uses. Creating your own El Wire clothing is a great idea for many occasions Combining this cool invention with clothing creates amazing results. Fascinating to look at, they truly add to the beauty of every accessory or clothing item it’s used on. There are plenty of ideas as to how this can be done; you can really express your creativity and the options are endless. With creative ideas and some basic sewing skills; Prepare to be Dazzled with El Wire clothing!


El Wire Clothing for Holidays and Events

This Halloween you could really enhance the character you want to portray with use of bright colors, that have the added glow in the dark property. El Wire clothing is perfect for children, who generally love the cool effects and bright costumes. The El Wire can also be used for accessories like big hoop earrings, gloves, hats, and bracelets. Like mentioned earlier the options and ideas are endless. El Wire clothing is great for events at night mainly clubs, birthday parties and prom. It is easy to work with, once the batteries are charged, they have a good battery life, good enough to keep you going all night long. You will draw attention to many with the most attractive clothing wherever you go. White light and bright colors add the perfect effect to El Wire clothing. It is amazing how many heads will turn with something so simple like a glowing hat, shoe laces or gloves. El Wire clothing makes you feel like a celebrity because it instantly gets people talking about you.

El Wire Clothing: Getting Started

When creating El Wire clothing, it is good to order more wires than less.. You can always use the excess wires to accessorize, the extra wire might just be like icing on the cake. We suggest it is best to order about 1 extra foot per 5 feet of planned wire use, however great El Wire clothing can be made with 20 feet of wire. It actually just depends on how extensively you want to use the El Wire. Use it on your ski jacket with a strobe inverter, so when you ski it will give an amazing blur effect. El Wire can also be used on hats and gloves. The strobe inverter is highly recommended for night events. Get some El Wire from your nearest location or just order it online and let your creativity do the rest. El wire clothing can be a lot of fun, and trust me you will love the end result!


Creating El Wire Clothing

To get your El Wire clothing glowing, you’ll have to hand sew the wire, prior to that you’ll have to install the grommets. Grommet is a ring that is used to reinforce holes in any type of fabric. Run the wire through the grommet that can also be used to make unique circular designs on your fabric. Make sure to test your binding and use your wire through it. The wire needs a high voltage around 100 volts, for it to glow brightly. Also, because the wire needs an AC power system, make sure you leave a pocket empty to sew a battery pack and inverter. An inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) to AC power. The best place to sew the inverter and battery is where your El Wire clothing hangs freely.  This prevents the El Wire clothing from forming a bulge.  A zipper can also be used to keep the batteries and inverters in place. Generally, when you dance at a night club on a fun night out, the batteries and inverter will move if not sealed properly. This could ruin your El Wire clothing experience, so make sure it is in the right spot and sealed properly. You don’t want to be stuck fixing your outfit all night. If you want to use more color strands in your El Wire clothing, you will also need a sequencer.  This is a proper circuit board that gives supplies power to every strand of wire individually and makes the wire glow in a pattern.

Caring for Your El Wire ClothingTaking Care of El Wire Clothing

As cool and as easy it is to install and use, El Wire clothing needs proper care and attention. The El Wire is permanently fixed to the clothing, so while washing your clothes you need to be super careful. Do not wash it in a washing machine that is the perfect way of running your El wire clothing, it might ruin the rest of the clothes in the machine as well, furthermore if the wire tears up, it will damage your washing machine. El wire clothing is water proof, but take the batteries, inverter and sequencer out before cleaning.  Make sure you hand wash clothing equipped with the El Wire, and hang them to dry. Batteries and inverters are safe but they can give you a little shock if they are not sealed properly and are exposed to water.