EL wire requires a low-power, high-frequency driver to cause the wire to illuminate. Most EL wire drivers simply light up one strand of EL wire in a constant-on mode, and some drivers may additionally have a blink or strobe mode.

EL Wire DriverEL Wire Drivers Purpose

EL Wire Drivers are the life blood of Electroluminescent Wire’s glowing power. They are units that Plug in or use a battery power source that allows EL Wire to glow. They come in a variety of sizes and power, and allow your wire to glow where you need it, when you need it. You can also hook up a Sound Activator for some neat effects.

EL Wire Drivers and Tips

All EL Wire products and designs require a power EL Wire driver in order to work. EL Wire drivers come with a Quick-Connector. This allows for easy connection between the EL Wire products and EL Wire driver without any soldering.

  • EL Wire Drivers will not work with Cold Cathodes.
  • Some EL Wire drivers to make a slight humming noise.
  • Do not use EL Wire Drivers with re-chargeable batteries.
  • NEVER apply power to an EL Wire Driver without the EL wire being attached. This can cause damage to the driver.

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