Apart from costume items, there are several El Wire products manufactured for your enjoyment. These products can be cut, molded or mounted as desired.  Below are a list of El Wire products  that are frequently used at night clubs, restaurants, and as safety indications in case of emergency situations at offices/malls.

El Wire ProductsEl Wire Products: El Tape

Also known as light tape, tape light and lite tape. The El tape has an adhesive backing that can easily stick to any surface and the entire tape glows beautifully. The tape comes in variety of sizes. It is becoming very popular in night clubs, restaurants for lighting paths, steps, hallways and walkways.

These El Wire products might look like a complicated technology, but surprisingly it is not. It has three core components; connector, driver, and exterior applications. These El Wire products are best for indoor uses, though a waterproof technology has been introduced.  The extrusion on the outside tape allows expansion and contraction due to change in weather which works perfectly for outdoor use. El tape is manufactured in large rolls measuring 8 mm up to 60 cm. A length of the tape can be as long as 50 meters, you could also join tapes together to make a bigger tape and more connectors can be attached. Two split electrode foils provide the power supply that runs the length of the tape

Other El Wire Products: Sheets and Panels

El Wire products like sheets and panels which are versatile sources that can be used to make any design. They can be easily cut in different shapes and sizes. You can write messages these El Wire products and give them a cool blink glow effect. They act like thin paper or cardboard due to their flexibility, they can be attached to any surface, framed or hung like a banner. Usually these panels and sheets have only one connector for power supply which is attached along the edge of the sheet. However more connecters can be joined by a ribbon for customized use.

There are two kinds of El Wire products in the panel category:  split electrode and parallel electrode. The reason why it is called split electrode is because there’s a line in the middle of the panel that splits the panel into two electrodes. Split electrodes are the longer lasting El wire products. You need to have a bigger budget in order to install split electrodes since they are slightly more expensive than the others. It is installed permanently due to its lower frequency and longer life span. Parallel Electrode on the other hand run at a frequency of 100v-240V at 800-1100 Hz but it is the most cost effective. It is one electrode that is opaque and has no centre line unlike split electrode.

Ideally Split Electrode is used at airports, restaurants, and night clubs or for commercial use in general. Parallel Electrode is used for costuming, fine art, photographs, signs and various other applications.

El Wire Shoe Laces

These El Wire products are really cool, especially for kids. The length of the wire is 20cm for each shoelace, and is available in several energetic colors. You can also use the same wires on the edge of your shoes which will render a light effect from under your feet. That can be useful while biking or jogging at night.

El Wire Products for CarsEl Wire Products for Cars

You may have seen cars with a neon glow on the edges in Hollywood movies and Auto shows. If you love your car, you have got to try these El Wire products! El Wire auto lighting is the hottest trend in the industry.  You can use it inside, outside or under your car for the perfect” Wow!” effect.

You can install the El Wire products yourself or get a readily available kit online with all the parts assembled and attached. You just have to place it on your car, turn it on and you are ready to go.

El Wire products are extremely flexible and have the “no heat” property. El Wire products  will always be cool to touch.  They can be twisted into any shape, and used on your headlights, dashboards, engine blocks, flood boards, and vents.