EL Panel is a popular electroluminescent product with many uses, which can be used for fun or as a benefit to any business. Popular EL Panel sizes are A3, A4, and A5, and also come in poster sizes available by special order. Many time companies can special order custom pieces depending on the application. There are two types of EL Panel to understand.

EL PanelEL Panel: The Two Varieties

Electroluminescent Panels are represented by two varieties Split Electrode and Parallel Electrode Panels. The main difference between them is that Split EL Tape lasts longer and glows brighter, but is also more expensive. Split EL Tape can also be cut with scissors to any desired length so long as you don’t cross the line (Scribe line) that splits the tape.

Parallel Electrode Panels are essentially made from a screen printing process which places the electrodes on top of each other, just like a sandwich. A busbar surrounds the edge of the panel which allows the particles to be excited and allows for animation effects. This makes Parallel panels a great choice for signage, accent lighting, and retail displays.

El Panel: Split Electrode

A Split Electrode system is manufactured using a roll to roll process rather than a screen printed process like Parallel Electrode Panels, each which offer great options for your project. Split EL Panels, sometimes referred to as EL Tape, Lighttape, Light Tape, Litetape, Lite Tape, and Tape Light can be as small as an inch long, up to hundreds of feet long. They can be cut into nearly any shape with standard household scissors, and have a single electrode (scribe line) running down the middle of the panel. These panels are perfect for accent lighting, signage, POS Displays, architectural lighting, decorative lighting, costumes and more. As long as the small 0.5mm line that separates the electrodes is not cut or crossed, the possibilities are endless. Natural Blue Split Electrode Lamps (called Electric Blue) are a mixture of Blue and Green phosphor crystals which give the best brightness and lifespan available. This natural color of the lamp can have a color overlay which gives the Split EL Panel a unique beautiful glow in nearly any color imaginable.

El Panel: Parallel Electrode Panels

Parallel EL panels are great for costumes, signs, and anything where you would like to create an animation or sequencing effect. One of the drawbacks of Parallel EL technology is that it cannot be cut without affecting the light, because the bus bar(which powers the panel) surrounds the panel, rather than running through it like with Split tape. Parallel panels are cheaper than Split EL tape, and have much more versatility with their power supply, because they run on the same frequency and voltage as EL Wire. So any of our EL Wire Battery packs, will work for our Parallel Panels or tape(providing they have enough power). If you look under the EL tape section, and click on the Parallel EL Inverters, we have indicated the square inches each battery pack can handle. You can determine the amount of square inches you are using by multiplying the Length of your tape or panel, by the width. Take for example 5 feet of 1” wide EL tape.

Parallel EL Panels are not able to be cut like Split EL Panels, however they are able to be sequenced for different effects. The sky is the limit in terms of animation effects as you can see with the panels above. These panels can stay on a constant on, or light up in series allowing for a more noticeable poster.

EL Panel Features

Some of the great features of EL Panel:

  • Complete, Uniform Illumination Across the Surface
  • Extremely Thin – Approximately 0.025″
  • Programmable – Allows For Animation Effects While Saving Energy
  • Durable – Makes it perfect for architectural accents, signage and more
  • Bright – The Brightest EL Method Possible – So Bright You Can Read A Book From it
  • Length – Very Long Lengths Available (Up To 300′)
  • Long Life – Ranges 5,000-10,000 Hours Depending On Voltage
  • Eco-Friendly – No Harmful Chemicals In The Manufacturing Process – Makes EL Panels Landfill-Friendly
  • Energy Efficient – Electroluminescent Technology The Least Expensive Lighting Source On The Planet
  • No-Heat – World’s Only No Heat Lighting Technology